Corporate Fitness Training

The CrossFit Method in the Corporate Environment

CrossFit is a functional fitness training method that is delivering personal and professional rewards to those who choose to use it.

What makes CrossFit such a unique method? It is with good coaching, that individuals reach beyond the personal and physical limitations that have been self-set. Those who may not have been strong find strength through teamwork, those who may not have had a voice, find themselves encouraging and pushing others through personal and team challenges.

This personal development journey, that happens behind the cloak of CrossFit truly changes individuals and individuals within teams.

These pre-programmed tasks and Challenges are Workouts that have been structured to be physically demanding, for every individual irrespective of athletic ability. All of these can be adapted to ensure they elicit the same physical response from everyone.

These Workouts are the Program, the magic in this program is the relationships built between those who step up and take part, and share the struggle of each Workout. The power of this shared experience is not to be under estimated.

The CrossFit Program has the ability to break down the walls of self-insecurities some may have in the Gym or in the Workplace. The ability to interact more positively and be more self-confident in one’s self is beneficial to the individual but also to the Team and to the Company where they work.

The Gym

The Gym is an environment where titles and egos are left at the door, everyone is the same. It is only through hard work and by supporting each other that everyone will get through to the other side of the workout. Creating an environment where there are no titles is another way of helping teams engage and interact more with each other, building new relationships between individuals and teams both inside and outside of the gym. Having something else in common with a work colleague other than work adds relationship building blocks that go to building a solid team.

Having Happy a Team

Having a happy team is good for everyone, a happy team is more productive, they enjoy their work, they are more competitive with other teams in the Company and more likely to stay with the Company in the long term.

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