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The Passport To A Better Life (For Beginners)

If you are a complete newbie to CrossFit you will start with our Beginners Passport Program. The CrossFit Passport is part of our New Induction Program for Beginners.

 The Gold Passport Package

CrossFit is about more than what you do inside the gym and our ‘gold’ passport reflects that! In session one we’ll assess your lifestyle, fitness and nutrition and provide you with a full InBody (see link below) scan to understand your starting point.

In sessions two through four you will be introduced to the nine fundamental movements we use at CFWD.

In our last session we will review your lifestyle assessment, take you through your final workout and answer any questions you have ,so you are ready to join the main classes.


  • InBody Scan *
  • Lifestyle Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • 5 one-to-one sessions

Over the last nine years we’ve seen that members who work on creating good lifestyle and nutrition habits from the outset, achieve far more success both inside and outside the gym than those who don’t.

* The InbodyTest provides a comprehensive view of body composition balance.

The cost for this Package is €250.00


You have 30 days to complete your five Passport Sessions.

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